Guns, gains and games.

This may seem a counterintuitive claim to make, given the fact that Trump’s supporters — whom I shall now call “Trumpets” — charged the Senate in Washington just days ago. You’d be forgiven for assuming that the baying mob indicates Conservatism is actually very much on the ascendancy.

That is until you take a step back to realize that the thousands who picked up arms to attack the country’s most important institution were acting out of desperation. …

For a long time in marketing, the maxim was “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. In other words, sell the story and not the product. The problem with this, of course, is that a sizzle fizzles out.

In this digitally atomized day and age, consumers need to feel like they are more than a mere transaction. Like they are engaging with something bigger and more significant than themselves. The “sizzle” or “buzz” from consumption alone is no longer sufficient.

What’s more, the consumer of today is not as impressed by clever content and design alone as they once were…

Andrew J Galea

Andrew has written for the stage, page, and screen, with a feature film and a television series both optioned by production houses in Canada and Malta.

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